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When considering drilling a new well, it’s important you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Not only is a well a large investment, it will serve as your source for healthy and safe drinking water, meaning you want a reliable contractor to perform the installation to ensure quality work. As a well contractor with over 38 years in the industry, Mike’s Pump & Well Drilling Inc. is highly qualified to meet your well drilling needs. We drill and install both commercial and residential water well systems, so we’re familiar with the number of extensive options available to you. No matter your water requirement, we can drill a well to suit your needs.

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Professional Well Installation

Prior to well installation, you have to first find your water supply. Once that’s identified, we can get to work. A borehole will be drilled, extending down into the aquifer until an abundant water supply is reached. A trench from the well to the home’s foundation will be dug, and the pipes and electrical wiring will be installed so the water supply can reach the pressure tank. A pump is then installed to force the water through the casing and into your home. While this is a complex and involved process, you can trust that we have the expertise to ensure the work is performed correctly.

Upgrades & Replacements

In addition to our well drilling services, we provide well upgrades to existing systems. Upgrading your system when the need arises can save you from the hassles of a malfunctioning well system. One of the many options would be upgrading from a jet pump to a submersible pump, which is more efficient, with the added bonus of being quieter. This upgrade will also prevent loss of water when drawn from lower depths, while also preventing pump cavitation.

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